Building & Contents Insurance


Standard lenders do not normally insure buy-to-let properties, so landlords should seek Building and Contents Insurance from a specialist lender who is experienced in that area of insurance.

Should the property be let furnished or part-furnished, an appropriate contents insurance policy should also be taken out.

We are able to offer a competitive insurance policy, including Public Liability, which will protect landlords against deliberately damaged properties and breached entry, as well as cover for other standard requirements.

Building and contents insurance


In order to further protect themselves and their personal belongings, tenants are advised to take out their own contents insurance, as their personal items will not be covered under the landlord’s insurance policy. Tenants are responsible for their own belongings and will require their own policy for the duration of the tenancy agreement.

LetSure is an ideal insurance company that will provide tenants with comprehensive cover against accidental damage to the property and its contents, as well as deposit protection. We recommended LetSure, as they are one of the most experienced and popular insurers of their kind on the market.

Residential Property

As standard, all residential properties must be covered by building insurance. We are able to provide a competitive Building Contents Policy that is recognised and accepted by all lenders.

Our comprehensive insurance policy protects both your property and its contents and also covers accidental damage. This provides you with the assurance that you are covered under any circumstances regarding damage or theft to your property and its contents.

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