Increase Your Rental Portfolio

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Landlord PortfolioYou can release equity from your current property stock, allowing you to purchase additional investment properties.

Investors with only 1 or 2 properties can find ‘Rent Void’ periods crippling however, with a much larger investment portfolio, you are able to absorb these void periods more easily. Correct and careful property selection will ensure you give your property portfolio an added boost and improve your overall investment, gaining growth and stability.

To ensure you have made a good investment choice, finding the right property is critical – so it's worth remembering a few of the following points:

  • Conduct some market research to ensure you target the right property, given the demographics of the area in terms of employment/university access, property types and accommodation and final rental values of your target market. By conducting a little due diligence prior to your purchase you can avoid many of the mistakes made by others
  • Review the needs of the local community, i.e., access to a station, supermarkets, banking facilities, schools etc. Decide which of these are important to your target market and ensure the property you select has convenient access to the required services
  • Consider property type and condition. Ensure the property is suitable for your target market and, whilst it may be less expensive to buy a property that requires work, please consider the cost and time it will take to have such work done against the impact on your rental periods

Our mortgage advisors will help you to get the right products to keep payments low and maximise your portfolio.

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