Top 12 Things To Remember on Moving Day

15 April 2016

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Moving day is here – hooray! But, before you move into your new home, there’s still a few things you need to remember to do. We’ve compiled our moving day checklist to make your move go as smoothly as possible:

1. Make sure everyone knows what’s happening

What time are the removal men arriving? When do you need to leave your property by? Who is doing what?  By knowing that everything is in-hand makes the process a whole lot easier and keeps any stress at bay.

2. Inform your neighbours

Let your neighbours know that you are moving out – especially if you are leaving a flat – and apologise in advance for any noise/ parking disruption.

3. What do I do with my keys?

Whilst on moving day, thoughts are mostly on getting keys to your new home; don’t forget to discuss how and when you’re going to hand-over keys to your buyers! At exchange, most estate agents will talk to you about how you’d prefer to do this – some sellers pop their full sets in to branch on leaving, whilst others leave one set in the branch and the others in their property, for one less thing to do! Don’t forget to give any alarm codes too!

4. Change of address

Have you ever thought of just how many people need to know your address? From banks to the DVLA, work to the kids’ schools, any magazine subscriptions to friends and family; remember to inform all of those who need to contact you. Don’t forget that for a small fee, the Post Office can redirect your post

5. Tell your suppliers

If you haven’t already; let the council, along with water, gas, electric and phone line/ internet providers know that you’ll be moving!

6. Note meter readings

Speaking of suppliers, don’t forget to do a final reading before leaving your home to give your gas and electric companies a closing reading.

7. Leave Instructions

One thing we may forget to do is leave instructions about how to use the cooker/ how to set and unset the alarm, along with any other helpful advice for your buyers. It’s not necessary, but it’s certainly a nice thing to do!


Surprisingly, with lots going on during moving day, people can forget to double check that they have everything. Look in the loft, drawers and shed and don’t forget to take your pets!

9. Pack an ‘essentials’ kit

From tea bags to long-life milk, a kettle to cups, phone chargers to a nice packet of biscuits, put all of those essential things you’ll want to unpack first in a box together, to save you rooting through boxes!

10. Prepare a flask/ packed lunch

With so much to do on the big day and exciting adrenaline running, you can forget to eat! Pack yourself some lunch and munch it while you’re waiting to move into your new home. A flask of tea always goes down well with your removal men too!

11. Relax!

Moving home is thought to be one of the most stressful things you can do in life, but don’t forget to relax. Take a minute (!) to reflect on all the happy memories made in the home you are leaving behind and look forward to all of those you’ll be making in your new property! You’ll be moved in before you know it!

12. Treat yourself to a takeaway

No idea where the knives and forks are? Can’t be bothered to cook? Enjoy your first night in your new home, by treating yourself to a takeaway from a local restaurant, then put your feet up and relax; it’s been a busy day!

Thinking of moving? Contact your local branch.

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