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  • Blog Image Design How To Avoid Becoming A Mortgage Prisoner PS

    How to Avoid Becoming a 'Mortgage Prisoner'


    Buying your first property can be a struggle, so when you finally conquer the first rung on the ladder you’ll undoubtedly relax (and rightly so!) The problem that many homeowners are encountering, is ...

  • Blog Image Deisgn Can Saving Pennies Lead To Your Dream Home PT

    Can Saving Pennies Lead to Your Dream Home?


    We all know that a big deposit will go a long way in helping you to buy your dream home. The common belief is that we have to obtain a lump sum of money to get us there, although small savings along t...

  • Blog Image Design How Might The Latest Interest Rate Rise Affect Me PS

    How might the latest interest rate rise affect me?


    After years of speculation about interest rates, the Bank of England have announced that interest rates are rising from 0.5% to 0.75%.

  • Blog Prosconsremortgaging PS

    The Pros and Cons of Remortgaging: What you Need to Consider


    Are you the type of person who shops around for the best phone contract? Do you compare prices for gadgets to make sure you’re getting the best deal before you buy? It makes sense to apply these skill...

  • BLOG Highstreetvsbrokers PS(1)

    High Street Mortgage VS Mortgage Brokers: What's the Difference?


    “What can a mortgage broker do that I can’t do myself?” “Why should I pay for services when there are so many extra costs already involved?” These may be questions you’re asking yourself when consider...

  • Blog Mortgageconundrum PT

    The Self-Employed Mortgage Conundrum: How Can YOU Solve it


    Post credit crunch, it’s become harder for the self-employed amongst us to get approved on a mortgage. Why? For the simple reason that it’s viewed as risky. Frustrating, right? Your business could be ...

  • Blog Mortgage PT

    How to Get a Mortgage: 101


    Does the first rung of the property ladder feel like you’ll have to pole-vault to even reach it? You’re not alone. It can seem out of reach, impossible, even. Don’t fret, there are simple steps you ca...

  • Keith



    The recent long-awaited 0.25% rise in interest rates is unlikely to impact heavily on the Island’s housing market, according to the Financial Services Director of Pittis’s mortgage arm.

  • did the budget fulfil our hopes

    Did the budget fulfil our hopes?


    Beyond the headline grabbing announcements about beer and bingo taxes, there were positive pledges in the budget for the housing market.

  • The Mortgage Market Review means more checklists for mortgages

    What do the changes to mortgage lending rules mean?


    There will be changes to the rules that mortgage advisors have to follow when selling mortgages in April 2014. The new rules were created by the Financial Conduct Authority [@TheFCA ]following a repor...